Photo Album No: 16



Scenes from our November 2004 production

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Polly Peachum is 'wounded' and helped by Cawwawkee and an Indian Brave

(Laura Thomas with Martin Muir and Thomas Tohai)


Betty Doxy, Molly Brazen, Mrs Slammekin and the 'ladies' from the Academy

(Scheherezade, Lucy Britner and members of the cast)



 Polly Peachum marries Captain Macheath

(Laura Thomas and Miguel Lopez)


Polly Peachum marries Captain Macheath

(Sophie Walby and Martin Muir)


 Polly Peachum (Laura Thomas)


Polly Peachum disguised as a 'lad' (Laura Thomas)


Polly discards her disguise (Laura Thomas)


Polly Peachum reunited with Macheath (Laura Thomas)

Polly Peachum (Sophie Walby)


Polly Peachum disguised as a 'lad' (Sophie Walby)


Polly Peachum is 'wounded' and helped by Cawwawkee and an Indian Brave

(Sophie Walby, Miguel Lopez and Thomas Tohai)


Polly Peachum reveals herself to Mrs Trapes (Sophie Walby)

Polly Peachum reunited with Macheath (Sophie Walby)

Morano (Miguel Lopez)


Captain Macheath revealed (Miguel Lopez)

Morano (Martin Muir)


Morano and Jenny Diver

(Martin Muir and Ruth Trawford)

Jenny Diver (Andrea Pope)


Jenny Diver attempting to get Morano to leave with her

(Andrea Pope and Miguel Lopez)


Jenny Diver thinks that the disguised Polly Peachum is an available man

(Andrea Pope and Laura Thomas)

Jenniy Diver (Ruth Trawford)

Jenny Diver using her feminine wiles to get Morano to steal the Pirates Gold

(Ruth Trawford and Martin Muir)


Jenny Diver trying to seduce Polly Peachum

(Ruth Trawford and Sophie Walby)


Mrs Trapes (Maja Langford)


Mrs Trapes promises to help Polly Peachum find 'work'

(Maja Langford and Laura Thomas)

Mrs Trapes agrees to help Morano

(Maja Langford and Miguel Lopez)

Mrs Trapes (Annette Dumville)

Mrs Trapes cajoles Mr Ducat

(Annette Dumville and Jon Meredith)


Mrs Trapes with Polly

(Annette Dumville and Sophie Walby)

A happy Mrs Trapes with Morano

(Annette Dumville and Martin Muir)

Mrs Trapes with Jenny Diver

(Annette Dumville and Ruth Trawford)

Mr Ducat (Harrison Sykes)

Mr Ducat consoles Mrs Ducat

(Harrison Sykes and Suzanne Lowry)

Mr Ducat tries to bluff Pohetohee

(Harrison Sykes and John Mullis)

Mr Ducat (Jon Meredith)


Mr Ducat thinks Polly Peachum is not only a servant

(Jon Meredith and Sophie Walby)

Mr Ducat with the 'ladies' from Mrs Trapes' Academy

(Jon Meredith)

Mrs Ducat (Suzanne Lowry)

Mrs Ducat (Jackie Meredith)

Vanderbluff (Colin Jaque)


Vanderbluff protects Jennie Diver

(Colin Jaque and Andrea Pope)

Vanderbluff and the Pirates

(Colin Jaque and Vladimir Petrov)

Laguerre (Gordon Slinn)

Culverin (Andrew Spence)

Hacker (Vladimir Petrov)

Capstan (Martin Chapple)

Capstan, Laguerre with Vanderbluff and Hacker

(Martin Chapple, Gordon Slinn and Colin Jaque and Vladimir Petrov)


Capstan and Hacker

(Martin Chapple and Vladimir Petrov)


Vanderbluff, Culverin and a Pirate

(Colin Jaque, Andres Spence and John Mullis)

Morano with his crew of Pirates

(Martin Muir, Colin Jaque and Vladimir Petrov and members of the cast)


Pohetohee (John Mullis)


Pohetohee offers Polly Peachum his daughter as a wife?

(john Mullis and Sophie Walby)

Pohetohee and the Indians attack the Pirates

(John Mullis and Thomas Tohai)


Cawwawkee (Miguel Lopez)

An Indian Brave (Thomas Tohai)


Mrs Trapes with the 'ladies' from her Academy for Young Ladies

(Maja Langford and members of the cast)

Mrs Trapes with the 'ladies' from her Academy for Young Ladies

(Annette Dumville and members of the cast)

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