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Scenes from our November 2000 production


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The Community Council - Saratov, Russia - 1906

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Hannah Meisel introduces Mr. Shubovsky, The Chairman, Rachel, Bendel and Rivka

(Annette Dumville, Mike Chattin, Jon Meredith, Carolyn Filak-Royan, Mark Burling and Tania Reed)

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The Chairman, Bendel and Mr. Shubovsky

(Jon Meredith, Mark Burling and Mike Chattin)

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Bendel, Mr. Shubovsky and The Chairman, 

(Mark Burling, Mike Chattin and Jon Meredith)

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Rachel Blaustein  (Carolyn Filak-Royan)

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Rivka  (Tania Reed)

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Rachel speaks at the Community Council  

(Carolyn Filak-Royan, Mark Burling, Mike Chattin, Jon Meredith and Tania Reed)

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Rivka arguing with Bendel (Tania Reed and Mark Burling)

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Rachel and Rivka  (Carolyn Filak-Royan and Tania Reed)

Kinneret Training Farm - 1906

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Workers dancing at the Farm  (Members of the Company)

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Hannah Meisel  (Annette Dumville)

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Yakov  (Anthony Battrick)

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Rivka and Yakov  (Tania and Anthony Battrick)

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A.D. Gordon  (Colin Jaque)

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Rachel  (Carolyn Filak-Royan)

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A.D. Gordon and Rachel  (Colin Jaque and Carolyn Filak-Royan)

Surreal Sequence

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Bendel and Hannah Meisel dance a macabre Tango (Mark Burling and Annette Dumville)

The Community Council - Saratov, Russia - 1919

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Bendel, Mr. Shubovsky and The Chairman with Rachel

 (Mark Burling, Mike Chattin, Jon Meredith and Carolyn Filak-Royan)

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Rachel  (Carolyn Filak-Royan)

Kinneret Training Farm - 1919

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A.D. Gordon, Rivka, Yakov and Workers 

(Colin Jaque, Tania Reed, Anthony Battrick with Andrea Pope and Tamar Kleinberger)

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Rivka, Yakov and Workers (Tania Reed, Anthony Battrick with Andrea Pope and Tamar Kleinberger)

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      Hannah Meisel reads Rachel's letter  (Annette Dumville with Andrea Pope and Tania Reed)

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Rivka says goodbye to Rachel  (Tania Reed and Carolyn Filak-Royan)

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Rachel  (Carolyn Filak-Royan)


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