Photo Album No: 6



Giuseppe Verdi's


Scenes from our November 1999 production

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Sir John Falstaff (Peter Hine)


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Sir John Falstaff (Kevin McRae)

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Alice Ford (Arlene Conway)

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Alice Ford (Nancy Mathis)

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Sir John Falstaff and Alice Ford (Kevin McRae and Arlene Conway)

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Ford (Craig Turpie)

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Ford and Pistol  Bardolph (Graham Stone and Colin Jaque)

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Fenton (Conor King)

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Nanetta (Helen Whittington)

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Nanetta (Kerry Gill)

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Fenton and Nanetta (Conor King and Helen Whittington)

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Fenton and Nanetta (Breffni Horgan and Kerry Gill)

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Dame Quickly (Annette Dumville)

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Dame Quickly and Nanetta (Annette Dumville and Kerry Gill)

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Meg and Nanetta (Valerie Watt and Kerry Gill)

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Bardolph (Jon Meredith)

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Pistol and Bardolph (Colin Jaque and Anthony Battrick)

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Dr. Cajus (Harrison Sykes)

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Dr. Cajus, Ford, Pistol and Bardolph

(Harrison Sykes, Graham Stone, Colin Jaque and Anthony Battrick)

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