Photo Album No: 15


Scenes from our July 2004 production

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Carmen (Marianne Wentzel)


Carmen (Scheherazade)

Carmen with Don Jose (Marianne Wentzel and Robert Watson)


Carmen using Cards to foretell her fortune (Marianne Wentzel)

Carmen stares at her Cards (Scheherazade)

Zuniga asks Don Jose about Micaela (Lance Ritchie and Robert Watson)

Don Jose takes the letter from Micaela (Robert Watson and Lynn Houghton)

Don Jose (Robert Watson)

Don Jose (David Loxham)

Morales and Don Jose (Martin Chapple and Robert Watson)

Morales (Martin Chapple)

Relief Guard Arrives (Gordon Slinn)    

Morales, Don Jose and the Relief Guard

 (Martin Chapple, David Loxham, Oliver Gibb and Lance Ritchie)    

Zuniga (Wojtek Mrzowski)


Micaela (Lynn Houghton)

Morales and the Soldiers quiz Micaela (Martin Chapple, Lynn Houghton and Gordon Slinn)

Don Jose and Micaela (David Loxham and Lynn Houghton)

The Cigarette Girls relax with the soldiers during their break

Cigarette Girls and Frasquita (Lisa Bender, Bethanie Swendsen and Siobhán Murphy)


Cigarette Girls

(Annette Dumville and Lorraine Clarke)


The Cigarette Girls and Mercedes taking a break from the Factory

(LorraineClarke, Maja Langford and Lisa Bender)


The Cigarette Girls Fight and Zuniga attempts to stop them

(Lorraine Clarke, Lance Ritchie, Annette Dumville, Suzanne Lowry and Maja Langford)

Zuniga attempting to regain order (Wojtek Mrzowski)


Don Jose arrests Carmen and finally lets her escape

(David Loxham and Scheherazade)

Zuniga relaxes at the Inn (Lance Ritchie)

Zuniga relaxes at the Inn (Suzanne Lowry, Wojtek Mrzowski and Maja Langford)

Frasquita (Suzanne Lowry)

Frasquita flirts with a Worker (Suzanne Lowry and Vladimir Petrov)

Frasquita (Bethanie Swendsen)

Mercedes (Maja Langford)

Mercedes (Annette Dumville)

Frasquita and Mercedes (Bethanie Swendsen and Annette Dumville)


Carmen, Mercedes and Frasquita (Marianne Wentzel, Maja Langford and Suzanne Lowry)

Frasquita, Carmen and Mercedes at the Inn

(Bethanie Swendsen, Scheherazade and Annette Dumville)

Carmen and Frasquita dance (Scheherazade and Bethanie Swendsen)

The Girls at the Inn (Suzanne Lowry and Lorraine Clarke)

The Girls at the Inn with Frasquita and Mercedes

(Suzanne Lowry, Bethanie Swendsen and Annette Dumville)

Carmen dances for Don Jose at the Inn (Marianne Wentzel and Robert Watson)

Carmen dances for Don Jose at the Inn (Scheherazade and David Loxham)


Escamillo (Oliver Gibbs)


Escamillo (Martin Muir)

Carmen flirting with Escamillo (Marianne Wentzel and Oliver Gibbs)

Escamillo doing what he does best with Mercedes and Frasquita

(Annette Dumville, Martin Muir and Bethanie Swendsen)

Mercedes and Escamillo (Annette Dumville and Martin Muir)


Dancairo (Martin Chapple)

Remondado (Jon Meredith)


The Smugglers - Remondado, Mercedes, Carmen, Dancairo and Frasquita

(Jon Meredith, Maja Langford, Marianne Wentzel, Martin Chapple and Suzanne Lowry)

The Smugglers - Remondado, Frasquita,  Carmen, Mercedes  and Dancairo

(Jon Meredith, Suzanne Lowry, Marianne Wentzel,  and Martin Chapple)

The Smugglers - Remondado, Mercedes, Carmen, Dancairo and Frasquita

(Jon Meredith, Annette Dumville, Scheherazade, Martin Chapple and Bethanie Swendsen)

Micaela (Lynn Houghton)


Micaela and Don Jose (Lynn Houghton and Robert Watson)

Carmen with Escamillo in the Mountains

(Marianne Wentzel and Oliver Gibbs)

Mercedes, Carmen and Frasquita in the Mountains

(Maja Langford, Marianne Wentzel and Suzanne Lowry)

Mercedes, Carmen and Frasquita in the Mountains

(Annette Dumville, Scheherazade and Bethanie Swendsen)

Frasquita with a Tarot Card (Bethanie Swendsen)

Don Jose with Mercedes in the Mountains (Robert Watson and Maja Langford)

Don Jose threatens Carmen (Robert Watson and Marianne Wentzel)

Don Jose attacks Carmen (David Loxham and Scheherazade)

Remondado, Frasquita and a Smuggler

(Jon Meredith, Suzanne Lowry and Lisa Bender)

Smugglers in the Mountains (Wojtek Mrzowski and LIsa Bender)

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