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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Magic Flute

Scenes from our November 2002 production

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Tamino (Geoffrey Strum)

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Tamino (Alex Hayes)

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Tamino is captured (Alex Hayes)

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The Three Ladies (Annette Dumville, Amanda Kent, Jackie Meredith)

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Pamina (Clarissa Stedman)

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Pamina (Claire Marsden)

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Queen of Night (Kim Collins)

13008.JPG (76715 bytes) 13010.JPG (88500 bytes)   13009.JPG (71662 bytes)

Papageno (Carlos Cogul)

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Papageno (Richard Stark)

13023.JPG (78281 bytes)   13025.JPG (94698 bytes)

Sarastro (Colin Jaque)

13064.JPG (77551 bytes)

Sarastro (David Yates)

13032.JPG (117501 bytes)   13031.JPG (99710 bytes)

Tamino and the Three Ladies 

(Geoffrey Strum, Annette Dumville, Amanda Kent and Jackie Meredith)

13039.JPG (56093 bytes)

Tamino and the Three Ladies 

(Alex Hayes, Neda Bizzari, Marianne Wentzel and Beatrice Freeman)

13048.JPG (112776 bytes)

Three Ladies 

(Neda Bizzari, Marianne Wentzel and Beatrice Freeman)

13046.JPG (78972 bytes)

Tamino and Queen of Night (Alex Hayes and Kim Collins)

13005.JPG (59570 bytes)

Pamina and Queen of Night (Clarissa Stedman and Kim Collins)

13056.JPG (113224 bytes)   13055.JPG (78416 bytes)

Pamina and Papageno (Claire Marsden and Richard Stark)

13070.JPG (98765 bytes)13071.JPG (109206 bytes)13072.JPG (76649 bytes)13073.JPG (114911 bytes)

Pamina is given a dagger by Queen of Night

(Claire Marsden and Kim Collins)

13021.JPG (50352 bytes)

Queen of Night with First and Second Ladies

(Kim Collins, Amanda Kent and Jackie Meredith)

13011.JPG (56975 bytes)   13013.JPG (90084 bytes)   13037.JPG (84935 bytes)   13012.JPG (74934 bytes)

Papageno and the Three Ladies

(Carlos Cogul, Annette Dumville, Amanda Kent and Jackie Meredith)

13065.JPG (99740 bytes)

Papageno and Three Ladies 

(Richard Stark, Neda Bizzari, Marianne Wentzel and Beatrice Freeman)


13007.JPG (105836 bytes)

Sarastro holds Court

(Colin Jaque and the Company)

13006.JPG (93474 bytes)

Sarastro with Pamina

(Colin Jaque and Clarissa Stedman)

13026.JPG (84631 bytes)

Sarastro and the Second Priest

(Colin Jaque and William Brown)

13059.JPG (111461 bytes)   13060.JPG (86928 bytes)

Sarastro and the Second Priest

(David Yates and William Brown)

13058.JPG (100652 bytes)

Sarastro with the First and Second Priests

(David Yates Alistair Smyth and William Brown)


    13035.JPG (80036 bytes)   13036.JPG (83968 bytes)

Papageno with Tamino

(Carlos Cogul and Geoffrey Strum)

13061.JPG (105031 bytes)

Monostatos and Pamina appear before Sarastro

(Jon Meredith and Claire Marsden)

13004.JPG (67256 bytes)

Monostatos stalks Pamina

(Jon Meredith and Clarissa Stedman)

13066.JPG (35821 bytes)   13067.JPG (45545 bytes)

Monostatos covets Pamina

(Jon Meredith and Claire Marsden)


13014.JPG (78339 bytes)

Papagena taunts Papageno

(Claudia Duftschmid and Carlos Cogul)

13063.JPG (73570 bytes)

First Priest and Second Armed Man

(Alistair Smyth and Lance Ritchie)

13050.JPG (77096 bytes)

Second Spirit

(Marianna Klar)

13022.JPG (61110 bytes)

First Spirit and Second Spirit

(Adela Bujackova and Jennie Fraser)

 13017.JPG (73020 bytes)

Papageno and Second Spirit

(Carlos Cogul and Jennie Fraser)

13062.JPG (85581 bytes)

The Three Spirits

(Tanya Forward, Marianna Klar and Yukako Nishide)


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