Photo Album No: 14


Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky

Eugene Onegin

Scenes from our October 2003 production

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Tatyana (Claire Marsden)


Eugene Onegin (Haydn Jones)


Eugene Onegin (Martin Muir)


Vladimir Lensky (Geoffrey Strum)


Vladimir Lensky (Paul Koelbloed)


Tatyana with Eugene Onegin (Claire Marsden and Martin Muir)


Vladimir Lensky and Eugene Onegin (Geoffrey Strum and Haydn Jones)


Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky (Martin Muir and Paul Koelbloed)


Olga (Sky Carver)

Olga (Ruth Trawford)

Tatyana and Olga (Claire Marsden and Sky Carver)


Tatyana and Olga (Claire Marsden and Ruth Trawford)

Olga and Vladimir Lensky (Sky Carverand Geoffrey Strum)

Olga and Vladimir Lensky (Ruth Trawford and Paul Koelbloed)

Olga and Eugene Onegin (Ruth Trawford and Martin Muir)

Madama Larina and Olga (Sara Clethero and Sky Carver)

Madama Larina and Olga (Adrienne Walters and Ruth Trawford)

Filipyevna (Annette Dumville) 

 Filipyevna (Sylvia Park)

Filipyevna and Olga (Annette Dumville and Sky Carver)

Filipyevna soothes Tatyana (Annette Dumville and Claire Marsden)


Filipyevna soothes Tatyana (Sylvia Park and Claire Marsden)

Filipyevna and Madame Larina (Annette Dumville and Sara Clethero)

Madame Larina, Olga and Tatyana (Adrienne Walters, Ruth Trawford and Claire Marsden)

Prince Gremin and Tatyana (Colin Jaque and Claire Marsden)

Prince Gremin and Tatyana (Lance Ritchie and Claire Marsden)


Monsieur Triquet (Jon Meredith)

Captain Zaretsky and Monsieur Guillot (Martin Chapple and Kevin McCarthy)


Guests at the Ball

(Hiroko Yamamoto, Sally Lou, Siobhán Murphy, Adrienne Walters, Helen Horky, Alexa Brummer)


Guests at the Ball

(Martin Chapple, Siobhán Murphy, Jennie Fraser,  Annette Dumville, Hiroko Yamamoto)

(Sally Lou, Jon Meredith, Lance Ritchie)


Guests at the Ball

(Colin Jaque, Helen Horky, Lance Ritchie, Sally Lou)


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