Photo Album No: 5



The Magic Flute


Scenes from our June 1999 production


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The Three Ladies (Annette Dumville, Jackie Meredith, Tania Reed)

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Tamino (Warren Albers), Papageno (Mark Burling)

and the Three Ladies (Annette Dumville, Jackie Meredith, Tania Reed)

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The Three Ladies (Sylvia Park, Zoe South, Louise Barnett)

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Queen of Night (Miriam Rodell)

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Queen of Night (Simone Broso)

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Queen of Night (Miriam Rodell) and Tamino (Warren Albers)

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Queen of Night (Simone Brosol) and Tamino (Mark van Ments)

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Papageno (Mark Burling)

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Papageno (Russell Scott)

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Pamina (Flora Christison)

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Pamina (Idit Arad)

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Tamino (Warren Albers)

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Tamino (Warren Albers) and Dancers

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Tamino (Mark van Ments)

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Sarastro (Colin Jaque)

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Sarastro (Stewart Manifold)

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Monostatos (Jon Meredith)

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Pamina (Flora Christison) and Papageno (Mark Burling)

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Pamina (Idit Arad) and Papageno (Russell Scott)

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Tamino (Warren Albers) and Pamina (Flora Christison)

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Pamina (Flora Christison) and Sarastro (Colin Jaque)

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Papagena (Andrea Pope)

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Papagena (Andrea Pope) and Papageno (Mark Burling)

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Papagena (Catherine Fox) and Papageno (Russell Scott)

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Tamino (Warren Albers) and Papageno (Mark Burling)

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Tamino (Mark van Ments) and Russell Scott) and Three Ladies (Sylvia Park,  Louise Barnett) 

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Speaker (Martin Chapple) and Tamino (Warren Albers)

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Monostatos (Jon Meredith) and Papageno (Mark Burling)

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The Three Spirits (Maria Caravanas, Kristine Jenkins, Julie Robb)

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The Three Spirits (Maria Caravanas, Kristine Jenkins) and Papageno (Mark Burling)

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Tamino and the Three Spirits

 (Warren Albers with Maria Caravanas, Kristine Jenkins, Julie Robb)

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Tamino (Mark van Ments) and the Two Armed Men (Harrison Sykes, Martin Chapple

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Armed Men (Harrison Sykes)

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