Photo Album No: 7




Scenes from our July 2000 production


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Carmen (Carolyn Filak-Royan)

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Carmen (Annette Dumville)

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Don Josť (Robert Watson)

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 Carmen and a Soldier (Carolyn Tims-Filak and Martin Chapple)

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Carmen and the Cigarette Girls (Habanera) (Carolyn Tims-Filak)

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Carmen and Don Josť (Carolyn Tims-Filak and David March)

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Carmen and Zuniga (Carolyn Tims-Filak and Lance Ritchie)

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Micaela (Lynn Houghton)

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Micaela and Don Josť (Helen Johnson and David March)

Micaela and Don Josť (Lynn Houghton and Robert Watson)

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Zuniga and a Cigarette Girl (Lance Ritchie and Sarah Tyler)

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Frasquita (Mary-Jane De Havas and Katherine Ault)

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Mercedes (Patricia Dina and Sarah Tyler)

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Escamillo (Graham Stone)

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Carmen and Escamillo (Carolyn Tims-Filak and Miguel Lopez)

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Carmen and Escamillo (Annette Dumville and Graham Stone)

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Scenes from the Opera

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Scenes from the Opera

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Scenes from the Opera


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