Photo Album No: 2


The coronation of poppea


Scenes from our July 1998 production

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Poppea (Lecia Robertson)

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Poppea (Lecia Robertson) and Nero (Ian Hackett)

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Poppea (Simone Broso) and Nero (Mark van Ments)

2008.jpg (63751 bytes)

Nero (Ian Hackett) and Lucano (Dennis Nelson)

2009.jpg (63485 bytes)

Nero (Ian Hackett) and Seneca (Colin Jaque)

2010.jpg (95595 bytes)

Nero (Ian Hackett), Drusilla (Flora Christison), Mercury (Keith Martin) and Arnalta (Kate Albert)

2011.jpg (110515 bytes)

Nero (Mark van Ments) and Lucano (Dennis Nelson)

2012.jpg (65015 bytes)

Nero (Mark van Ments) and Drusilla (Clare Norburn)

2013.jpg (85039 bytes)

Ottone (Christopher Neave), Cupid (Carol Anne Grainger) and Poppea (Lecia Robertson)

2014.jpg (75813 bytes)

Ottone (Annette Dumville), Cupid (Carol Anne Grainger) and Poppea (Simone Broso)

2015.jpg (36321 bytes)

Ottone (Annette Dumville)

2016.jpg (54440 bytes)

Ottone (Christopher Neave) and Drusilla (Flora Christison)

2017.jpg (102159 bytes)

Poppea (Simone Broso) and Arnalta (Sylvia Park)

2018.jpg (35659 bytes)

Seneca (Colin Jaque)

 2019.jpg (57508 bytes)

Seneca (Mike Chattin)

2020.jpg (36151 bytes)

Drusilla (Flora Christison), Arnalta (Kate Albert) and Nero (Ian Hackett)

2021.jpg (44411 bytes)

Drusilla (Flora Christison) and Nurse (Madge Duncan-Sutherland)

2022.jpg (37418 bytes)

Valletto (Christiane Bracher) and Drusilla (Clare Norburn)

2023.jpg (41992 bytes)

Drusilla (Clare Norburn), Mercury (Lance Ritchie) and Arnalta (Sylvia Park)

2024.jpg (60382 bytes)   2025.jpg (65185 bytes)

Octavia (Annette Stein) and Nurse (Madge Duncan-Sutherland)

2026.jpg (77239 bytes)

Octavia (Annette Stein) and Damigella (Christiane Bracher)

2027.jpg (29899 bytes)

Venus (Kristine Jenkins)

2028.jpg (39354 bytes)

Pallade (Mutsuko Henderson)

   2029.jpg (62537 bytes)   2030.jpg (41479 bytes)   2031.jpg (78986 bytes)

Damigella (Christiane Bracher) and Valletto (Micaela Wüst)

   2032.jpg (32872 bytes) 

Mercury (Keith Martin) and Fortune (Arlene Conway)

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