Photo Album No: 10


Scenes from our July 2001 production


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Leporello (Colin Jaque)

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Donna Anna (Beatrice Freeman)

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Don Giovanni (David Rose)

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The Commendatore (Mike Chattin)

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Don Ottavio (Jon Meredith)

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Donna Anna and Don Ottavio (Beatrice Freeman and )

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Donna Elvira (Helen Johnson)

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Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio

(Helen Johnson, David Rose, Beatrice Freeman and Jon Meredith)

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 Leporello and Don Giovanni (Colin Jaque and )


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Don Giovanni with Zerlina (David Rose and Maja Langford)

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Masetto and Zerlina (Ewan Taylor and Maja Langford)

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Leporello (Martin Chapple)

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Donna Anna (Claire Marsden)

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Donna Anna with Don Ottavio (Claire Marsden and Anthony Battrick)

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Don Giovanni (Graham Lawder-Stone)

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Leporello and Don Giovanni (Martin Chapple and Graham Lawder-Stone)

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Donna Elvira and Leporello (Mary-Jane De Havas and Martin Chapple)

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Donna Elvira and Don Ottavio (Mary-Jane De Havas and Anthony Battrick)

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Don Giovanni and Zerlina (Graham Lawder-Stone and Lorna Stephens)

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Masetto and Zerlina (David Yates and Lorna Stephens)


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