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John Gay & Benjamin Britten

The Beggar's Opera

Scenes from our July 2002 production

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The Beggar (Lesley Skeels)

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Mr Peachum adds to his ledger watched by Filch, Betty Doxy, Jenny Diver, Suky Tawdry and Ben Budge

(Jon Meredith, Anthony Battrick, Katie Bowen-Roberts, Helen Karikari, Emanda Percival and Andrew Spence)

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Mr Peachum ignores Mrs Peachum, Betty Doxy, Jenny Diver and Suky Tawdry

(Jon Meredith, Sylvia Park, Katie Bowen-Roberts, Helen Karikari and Emanda Percival)

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Filch (Anthony Battrick)

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Mrs Peachum and Filch (Sylvia Park and Anthony Battrick)

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Mr Peachum with Mrs Peachum (Martin Chapple and Annette Dumville)

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Mr Peachum with Mrs Peachum and Polly (Martin Chapple, Annette Dumville and Tania Reed)

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Mrs Peachum and Polly (Annette Dumville and Tania Reed)

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Mrs Peachum and Polly (Sylvia Park and Emily Ovenden)

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Captain Macheath (Matt Jasper)

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Mr Peachum arrests Captain Macheath (Martin Chapple, Matt Jasper, David Yates and Lance Ritchie)

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Captain Macheath under arrest (Matt Jasper, David Yates and Lance Ritchie)

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Polly (Tania Reed)

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Polly (Emily Ovenden)

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Captain Macheath with Polly (Matt Jasper and Tania Reed)

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Captain Macheath with Polly (Matt Jasper and Emily Ovenden)

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Captain Macheath with Suky Tawdry (Matt Jasper and Emanda Percival)

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Captain Macheath with Betty Doxy (Matt Jasper and Maja Langford)


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Dolly Trull, Captain Macheath and a Doxy carousing

(Jennie Fraser, Matt Jasper and Akilah Anderson)

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Lockit, Filch and Mr Peachum (David Rose, Andrea Pope and Martin Chapple)

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Lockit (David Yates)

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Lockit and Mr Peachum (David Yates and Jon Meredith)

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Lucy Lockit (Katie Bowen-Roberts)

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Lucy Lockit (Maja Langford)

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Lucy Lockit with Captain Macheath (Katie Bowen-Roberts and Matt Jasper)

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Lucy Lockit with Polly (Katie Bowen-Roberts and Tania Reed)

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Lucy Lockit with Polly (Maja Langford and Emily Ovenden)

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Mrs Diana Trapes (Jackie Meredith)

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The Beggar, Wat Dreary, Suky Tawdry, Dolly Trull and Harry Paddington at the Tavern

(Lesley Skeels, Lance Ritchie, Emanda Percival, Jennie Fraser and Jon Meredith)

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Matt of the Mint and Mrs Slammekin (Alistair Smyth and Emily Ovenden)

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Jenny Diver, Mrs Coaxer, Jeremy Twitcher and a Doxy in front of Mrs Slammekin and Dolly Trull

(Marianne Wentzel, Brigit Eichenberger, David Yates, Jennie Fraser, Emily Ovenden and Akilah Anderson)

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Ben Budge drinks with Mat of the Mint whilst Molly Brazen looks on

(Andrew Spence, Alistair Smyth and Marianne )

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Dolly Trull, and Suky Tawdry work on Harry Paddington

(Jennie Fraser, Emanda Percival and Martin Chapple

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Molly Brazen, Jenny Diver, Mrs Slammekin and Mrs Coaxer

(Marianne Wentzel, Helen Karikari, Tania Reed and Brigit Eichenberger)

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Suky Tawdry, Mrs Coaxer, Mrs Vixen, Jenny Diver and Dolly Trull

(Emanda Percival, Brigit Eichenberger, Sylvia Park, Helen Karikari and Akilah Anderson)

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Mrs Slammekin, Mat of the Mint, Jenny Diver, Nimming Ned, Mrs Coaxer,

Harry Paddington and Dolly Trull

(Tania Reed, Alistair Smyth, Marianne Wentzel, David Rose, Brigit Eichenberger, Martin Chapple and Jennie Fraser)

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Molly Brazen, Suky Tawdry, Dolly Trull, Betty Doxy, Ben Budge

(Marianne Wentzel, Emanda Percival, Akilah Anderson, Katie Bowen-Roberts and Andrew Spence)

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Dolly Trull, Mrs Trapes, Suky Tawdry,Mrs Vixen, Harry Paddington, Nimming Ned, Mrs Coaxer, Filch and Mrs Slammekin

(Jennie Fraser, Anne Millson, Jamie Moreno, Annette Dumville, Martin Chapple David Rose, Bridget Eichenberger, Andrea Pope and Tania Reed)

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Molly Brazen, Betty Doxy, Nimming Ned, Dolly Trull and Mrs Vixen

(Marianne Wentzel, Katie Bowen-Roberts, David Rose, Jennie Fraser and Annette Dumville)

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Jenny Diver, Mrs Vixen, Suky Tawdry, Mrs Coaxer, Dolly Trull, Mrs Slammekin, Molly Brazen Betty Doxy and other Harlots keep Captain Macheath occupied!

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Polly begs Mr Peachum for Macheath's life (Tania Reed and Martin Chapple)

12042.jpg (124975 bytes)

Polly and Lucy Lockit bid farewell to Macheath

(Tania Reed, Katie Bowen-Roberts, Matt Jasper and Lance Ritchie)

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Captain Macheath goes to the Old Bailey watched by Lockit and Lucy Lockit and two jailers)

(Matt Jasper, David Yates and Lucy Lockit)

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Dolly Trull, Jenny Diver, Filch and Harry Paddington at Newgate with Captain Macheath

(Jennie Fraser, Marianne Wentzel, Andrea Pope, Martin Chapple and Matt Jasper)

12077.jpg (1235785 bytes)

Lucy Lockit and Polly welcome Captain Macheath from the scaffold 

(Maja Langford, Emily Ovenden and Matt Jasper)

12043.jpg (115622 bytes)

The Company with Captain Macheath after his reprieve


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